Power Spot "Mt.Koya-San"

We offer private transportation for Mt. Koya (Kōya-san)


    You will discover the greatest experience in your life in Koyasan. Mt. Koya-san is a raised tableland covered with thick forest and surrounded by eights peaks in the northern region of Wakayama prefecture.


    The major attraction on this tableland is the monastic comples, known as Koya-san, which is the headquarters of the Shingon school of Esoteric Buddhism. Though not quite the Shangri-la it's occasionally described as, it is one of the most rewarding places to visit in Japan, not just for the natural setting of  the area, but also as an opportunity to stay in temples and get a glimpse of long held traditions of Japanese religious life.


Valid Until: January 31, 2025 (Dec.31- Jan.03, No operation)

Route To/From Mt. Koya *per way Charter Taxi Deluxe Sedan Mini Van Van
Kansai Airport, KIX  ←→ Mt. Koya *1 JPY 27,800 JPY 30,800 JPY 31,800 JPY 38,800

Shin Osaka Station Mt. Koya *2

*Including a meeting service at platform. If no need, price will be same as below.. 

JPY 42,800 JPY 45,800 JPY 46,800 JPY 53,800

Mt. Koya → Shin Osaka Station *2

JPY 35,500 JPY 38,500 JPY 39,500 JPY 46,500
Itami Airport, ITM ←→ Mt. Koya *3 JPY 36,500 JPY 39,500 JPY 40,500 JPY 47,500 

*1 KIX…Kansai International Airport

*2 Shin Osaka Station…Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Station 

*3  ITM...Itami Airport...operate Japan Domestic routes only

Operation Time:

To Mt. Koya: 6am ~ 7pm / From Mt. Koya: 8am ~ 7pm only


Peak period upcharge

 Jul.13-15, Aug.10-18, Sept.14-16 &21-23, Oct.12-14, Nov.2-4 & 23-24, Dec.24-30, Jan.4-5. 11-13  +10%

**Dec.31-Jan.03 : please check with us. Operate on request base.


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