"KIX" Kansai Airport  ~ Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara etc**. 

**Mt. Koya, Suzuka circuit, Lake Biwa, Arima onsen hot spring, Himeji castle, Kurashiki, Amanohashidate 

**"ITM" Itami, Osaka international airport and/or Shin-Osaka bullet train station to/from various destination

ALL THE COST INCLUDED ! Meeting service with your Name board, Toll fee, Parking, sales tax. 

Charter Taxi

Max; 🙍‍♂️4 + 💼2

or 🙍2+ 💼3

Prius-α / NV200 etc.

Max; 🙍4+💼3

Deluxe Sedan

Crown HV etc.

 Max; 🙍‍♂️4 + 💼2

or 🙍2+ 💼3

Mini Van

Alphard etc.

Max; 🙍‍4+💼3/4


Hi-Ace etc.

Max; 🙍‍♂️9 + 💼9

Luxury type

Deluxe Hi-Ace etc.

Max; 5-7+ 💼5 etc.

 From/To "KIX"Kansai Airport (price per way) / Valid until Mar.2023




Charter Taxi

Prius α /

Sienta /

NV200 etc


Crown HV


** Mini Van

Alphard /   Vellfire etc.


Hi-Ace etc.

*** Dlx.Van

Dlx Hi-Ace

Gran Ace


Max. capacity

🙍‍♂️4 + 💼2



🙍‍♂️4 + 🧳3

🙍4 +💼2



🙍4 +💼3/4  or

🙍‍♂️5 +💼2

🙍‍♀️9 + 🧳9

🙍5/7+💼5 etc.


⇔OSAKA center

 JPY 17,000  NO SVC

 JPY 21,000

JPY  21,000

 JPY 28,000

JPY 33,000~


⇔ OSAKA north

JPY 19,000 NO SVC

JPY 23,000

JPY 23,000

JPY 30,000

JPY 35,000~



JPY 28,000


 JPY 33,000


 JPY 38,000




JPY 22,000 NO SVC JPY 24,500 JPY 26,000 JPY 32,500 JPY 37,500~



JPY 25,000 PLZ ASK JPY 28,000 JPY 29,000 JPY 36,000 JPY 41,000~



JPY 13,500 NO SVC JPY 16,500 JPY 18,000 JPY 24,000 PLS ASK


⇔ Mt. KOYA

JPY 21,000 NO SVC JPY 23,000 JPY 24,000 JPY 31,000 PLS ASK


⇔ Osaka Apt.

JPY 22,000 NO SVC JPY 24,000 JPY 25,500 JPY 32,500 JPY 37,500~

* ; above price is valid city central area.

*1'; OSAKA NORTH(N); north of Yodo river area, include Shin Osaka Shinkansen = bullet train station.

**Mini Van; except Osaka area, we use one of following Mini Van ~Alphard,Vellfire, Serena, Esquire, Voxy, Nova~

***Dlx.Van, Dlx Hi-Ace, Gran Ace: limited service. Please contact us for detail.


[ Condition of Small vehicle (=up to 9 guest)]

Late Night/Early Morning up: +15~30%: 8:30pm -6am for Flight Arrival / Hotel Departure time.

Peak up:  +5~15%: 28Dec.2022-04Jan.2023, 07-09Jan.2023, 18Mar.-09Apr.2023

Cancel / Change reservation; 20% charge will occur from 7 (Peak;14) days before service. 50%; from 3 (Peak 7) days before. 100%; from 1 (Peak 3) day before. 

* We arrange Van & Mini Van with Lift, and for handicapped !!  (Route & timing is limited. Please check with us for detail.)

* We can also prepare rental wheelchair too. At Osaka area, JPY 5,500~/week.

Bus service for 10 guest or more ~~~"KIX" Kansai Airport  ~ Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara etc.

ALL THE COST INCLUDED except Meeting service !  inc. Toll fee, Parking, sales tax. 

Small (Micro) Bus   (Max: 19 seats without luggage / Good for 12 guest with 12 luggage ) 

Medium Bus            (Max; 27 seats without luggage / Good for 18 guest with 18 luggage ) 

Big Bus                                (Max; 49 seats without luggage / Good for 35 guest with 35 luggage )

Small Bus

👤 12 guest +👜 12 bag.


👤 19 guest without bag

Medium Bus

👤 18 guest +👜 18 bag.


👤 25 guest without bag.

 price per way / Meet & Greet service at Airport for DAY TIME is optional. (Please see below) 

 Valid until Mar.2023



Small Bus


Medium Bus 


Big Bus


to/from OSAKA central

without meeting

JPY 44,500

JPY 55,500


to/from KYOTO central

without meeting

JPY 62,000

JPY 75,000


Meeting service at KIX airport

+JPY 9,000

+JPY 9,000


[Condition of Bus]

Weekend (SAT. & SUN.) & National holiday up: +5%. Except below.

★Peak period up; +10~20%;  28Dec.-04Jan., 07-09Jan., 18Mar.-09Apr. 

Cancel / Change reservation; 20% charge will occur from 14 (Peak 21)days before service. 50%; from 7 (Peak 10)days before. 100%; from 3 days before.

* Bus service on late night time is very limited.
* If you don't catch bus within 2 hours of scheduled arrival time, bus have to leave airport parking, 
In this case, we can't offer any transfer service for you and no refund at all. Please note to take this risk before order bus.

[Meeting at Kansai Airport for Bus only...... Not for small Van / Sedan]

*. In case of BUS transfer, meeting service at arrival hall of Kansai airport with name board for DAY TIME is optional. 

    Please kindly proceed to Bus Parking just beside the arrival hall area. Or, You can request paid Meeting service at arrival hall of airport by English speaking assistant. 

* Late Night Up charge is vary depend on the date and hour. Please check with us.

Transfer for USJ ( Universal Studio Japan )

Price per way /

*Operation: 7am-9:00pm only 

*Last minuites up; book within 48 hours of use: +JPY 2,000

*PEAK period up: +10%; 23-25Dec., 28Dec-04Jan., 07-09Jan., 18Mar.-09Apr. 

 Valid until further notice


Type of car Maximum USJ ⇔ Osaka Central USJ ⇔ Kyoto Central

USJ ⇔ Kobe


Charter Taxi 4 pax PLS ASK PLS ASK PLS ASK
Deluxe Sedan 4 pax JPY 00 JPY 00 INQ
Mini Van  5 pax JPY 00 JPY 00 ~ JPY 00

9 pax

JPY 00

JPY 00 

JPY 00

Transfer for Power spot Mt. Koya (Koyasan)

We start private transportation for Koyasan.

You will found your something great in Koyasan. for your happy life.

Mt. Koya-san is a raised tableland covered with thick forest and surrounded by eights peaks in the northern region of Wakayama Prefecture.

The major attraction on this tableland is the monastic comples, known as Koya-san, which is the headquarters of the Shingon school of Esoteric Buddhism. Though not quite the Shangri-la it's occasionally described as, it is one of the most rewarding places to visit in Japan, not just for the natural setting of  the area, but also as an opportunity to stay in temples and get a glimpse of long held traditions of Japanese religious life.

[Common Condition & Payment]

  * Kyoto / Kobe / Nara: some areas of Kyoto / Kobe / Nara city require extra charge. (i.e. Takaragaike pond, Ohara, Yamashina, Arima onsen Hot spring etc.)

  * Our calculation: 1 suitcase = 90 litter/ 28 inch size

 ★Please pay by credit card through PayPal. 

    Handling charge for PayPal is 4.2% & we owe 2.2%. 

    So you just add  2% to your service cost. 


If your destination doesn't mentioned above, please don't  hesitate to send your inquiry by right side "INQUIRY" button.

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